Bluebirds can be found throughout the entire United States, and into Canada and Mexico. Depending on location, you can be visited by either the Eastern Bluebird, Western Bluebird, Mountain Bluebird, or a combination of two. Bluebirds eat insects in the warmer months and fruit during fall and winter, so fruit feeders and fruit bushes serve as natural attractants.

Female Eastern Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird
Male Eastern Bluebird
Male Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebirds can be spotted year round in the South Eastern USA, and all summer in the Northeast. Male Eastern Bluebirds show off a rich royal blue on their back and head, with a warm reddish brown breast. Female bluebirds are more of a dull gray bird, with lovely blue tinges in the wings and tail. These bluebirds decorate meadows, parks, backyards and golf courses, perched often on low posts and poles as they watch the ground below for food. Eastern Bluebirds do not frequent seed feeders.

Female Western Bluebird
Female Western Bluebird
Male Western Bluebird
Male Western Bluebird

Western Bluebirds can be found along the far western region of the USA, and prefer open forests and wooded parks. Western Bluebirds enjoy a diet that consists of seeds and fruit through the winter, and insects during the spring and summer. The adult male boasts a deep cobalt blue over most of the body, with a chestnut brown chest. The female is more of a dull blue with gray throat, head, belly, and undertail. Western Bluebirds can be seen being cared for and defended by birds of different species.

Male Mountain Bluebird
Male Mountain Bluebird
Female Mountain Bluebird
Female Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebirds are the chunky family members, and dine mostly on insects and fruit. Lovers of ranchland and open spaces, Mountain Bluebirds will stick around during colder months. Males are bright blue with white bellies, and females have a brownish blue feathering all over. Mountain Bluebirds dominate over Eastern Bluebirds in regions where they overlap, which is most likely the cause of Eastern Bluebirds being named just that: Eastern. Mountain Bluebirds can be spotted in the Eastern USA, and travel as far south as Mexico and as far north as Alaska.

Bluebirds live mainly on insects during summertime, and wild berries when insects are not available. Not all bluebirds will travel south for the winter, and the remaining birds need food available or they will perish over the course of a few days. Many bluebird trails exist to help house the birds, and berry bushes are planted for food. Bluebirds enjoy meals of oranges, apples and nuts, as well as suet cakes, making suet cake feeders and fruit and platform bird feeders the best choice.


Blue Bird
by CJ Heck

If I could be an animal
I think I'd like to be
just like the little blue bird
that's sitting in my tree.

I look at him and wonder
what it's like when you can fly.
I'll bet the world looks beautiful
from up there in the sky.

There would be no traffic jams
or stop signs in the air.
No bumpy roads with potholes
would ever be up there.

But I’d miss my mom and dad
and who’d be there at night
to help me brush my teeth
and tuck me in real tight?

He looks at me each morning
from the same branch in my tree.
While I sit wishing I was him,
is he wishing he was me?


Male and Female Bluebirds at nestbox
Male and Female Bluebirds at Nestbox